How Effective Are Your Business Communication Skills?

“Are you a good communicator?”- We bet you’ve come across this question quite a number of times. Well, every business professional- be it an entrepreneur, an employer or an employee- believes that they are good communicators; but how do they all know that?

Well, you can check your skills against the ‘parameters of effective communication’ we have covered later in this article.

Warren Buffett himself believes that effective communication and good public speaking skills can boost a business professional’s value by 50%. Having said that, working on your communication skills won’t be a bad decision at all!

Well, any change demands commitment but a commitment would only be valuable if you know what and where to look for. But don’t you worry- The business communication gurus at PJ Group offers communication skills training sessions on how to communicate effectively and persuasively.

The sessions offered by us aren’t just limited to business professionals; they work wonders for anyone who wants to deliver information in a more effective manner.

Parameters of an Effective Communication:

●      Work in Collaboration

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The African proverb sums it all. Collaboration is a fundamental communication and leadership skill as it plays quite an important role in influencing others.

A good communicator is known to collaborate with his team members. Asking questions implies that the other person’s input is valuable; doing so, an employer can make a mutually beneficial decision.

●      Keep Things Simple

A good communicator tries to keep things as simple as possible. Simplicity leads to focus; this, in turn, helps in clarifying the main purpose of the organization.

The employees, in general, would find it difficult to understand an unnecessarily complex conversation. A simple conversation can influence people to take a particular action (it can even change their mindset).

●    Focus on Specifics

Do you know that most of the executive speeches go worthless? It’s because the speaker prefers general constituency over specifics.

Instead of telling people what and why things have to be done, a good communicator tells people how a message directly relates to them (in terms of personal growth and the likes).

●      Give Emphasis to the Listener Perspective

No matter, how crucial is the information you’re sharing, if it’s lengthy, a listener will average all the pieces of information and take away just a single impression.

A good communicator knows that ‘more’ is not always good and reduces the length of his presentation and speeches, whenever necessary.

Effective communication goes way beyond simple speech and hearing! Factors like your body language, expressions and communication style also play a significant role.


Unconventional Factors for an Effective Communication

●      Speaking Style

A speaker must deliver the information in a style that’s consistent with the message. A person should carefully consider the tone, pitch and the words.

A listener’s reaction can be directly controlled by the speaker (as long as he is taking care of the aforementioned things).

●      Body Language

Body language lays down the foundation for any conversation. Eye movements, eye-contacts, facial expression, body posture, fidgeting give clues to the speaker and listener alike.

For instance, the speaker’s voice is calm while delivering the message but his eyes and body posture are tense; in such a case, the listener can easily make out that the speaker is either confused or nervous.

●      Active Listening

In order to carry out an effective communication, both the speaker and listener need to practice active listening. Active listening is nothing but understanding what the other person is actually saying.

For instance, active listening on the listener’s part will involve gestures, nods, eye-contacts and a few queries/comments regarding the topic.

Practically, people don’t just communicate through words. In the modern business world, people communicate through several mediums- texts/emails/skype calls to name a few. A person who is good at verbalizing words might not be that good at writing emails.

In order to have an effective business communication, a person has to be good at both of them. That’s where PJ Group comes into the play! With several years of experience, our professional teams offer excellent Public Speaking Training session. Enroll today and know the difference by yourself!

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