Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills At Work

Successful leaders have one common trait- they possess amazing communication skills and are able to meaningfully convey their message to the masses.

Good communication skills impact (both directly and indirectly) a person’s job satisfaction, promotion potential and career success.

Wondering how?

Well, think about the appalling effects of miscommunication- arguments, delayed results, tense work environment, decreased productivity and what not?

Whereas, effective communication results in good work relationships, lower conflicts and maintains a positive work environment; this, in turn, increases efficiency and boosts productivity.

In the present day scenario, it’s imperative for any person to possess good verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

At PJ Group, we understand the significance of good communication skills and provide effective communication skills training. Apart from that, we conduct seminars and host individual as well as group training sessions.

Our presentation skill training sessions outline a number of ways, following which, one can radically improve his/her communication skills. However, the major ones have been mentioned as under:

●      Work On Your Body Language

Communication isn’t just limited to language; everything from an eye contact to facial expression expresses something or the other. Knowing what your body language conveys and interpreting other person’s body language (correctly) helps in an effective communication.

Here are a few quick tips on how to use your body language to carry out an effective conversation:

  • Make an eye-contact.
  • Don’t talk over the other person; listen to them carefully, wait and then respond.
  • Put away all the electronic devices and just focus on what the other person is saying.

●      Listen Better

In order to improve your communication skills, the very first thing you need to practice is active listening. Active listening conveys that you respect and trust the other person.

Where to start? Simple!

Instead of formulating a reply, carefully listen to what the speaker is saying. Don’t respond with a message that carries forward your own agenda; instead, be neutral and respond to what the speaker actually said.

●      Don’t Be Too Personal

In a business organization, maintaining the professional boundaries is of utmost importance. Having said that, you must act friendly with your colleagues, but it’s not at all necessary to befriend them.

Be polite, listen carefully, respond what is necessary and try to avoid any sorts of personal drama.

●      Stay On Track

More than often, business meetings go longer than the scheduled time. Ever thought why does this happen? Well, for one simple reason: The speaker veers of the topic.

A good communicator respects the limited time everyone in the organization has and delivers/collects the information to the point. But hey! Here’s a prerequisite: Identify the aim of business meeting/discussions beforehand.

●      Try Giving Positive Feedback

Don’t you underestimate the power of positive feedback! People are way too quick in pointing out to someone when they make any sort of mistake, but the same people forget to acknowledge others whenever they do something right!

That’s a bad communication trait. Try giving a positive feedback, whenever possible. It boosts an employee’s morale and also results in a healthy conversation.

These were just a few basic suggestions on how to improve your business communication skills. Inculcate in our public speaking training session and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your communication skills in just a matter of few days.

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